Dream Recall

  1. You've got to want it. First and foremost, you must feel that it will be useful to you, if not extremely valuable. Without this, motivation will soon disappear. More importantly, the desire acts as a magnet which draws your dreams into memory.
  2. It's a matter of focus and attention. Understand that dream recall is an inherent, natural human trait. Without exercise it may shrink, but it is there if you decide to work it out again. So if your recall is poor, trust that it will come in time, and the trust alone will actually help.
  3. Bedtime practice:
    1. clear your mind of any of day to day concerns Ė literally put them to bed first by writing a brief diary entry to recap that day.
    2. review your planned question or review dreams from the previous night
    3. Ask your dream helper to assist you in remembering your dreams from this night
    4. Tell yourself you will awaken naturally with time to record your dream (about 15 mins before you need to get up)
    5. Try warm milk (tryptophan) or vitamin B6   (50 mig)  as dream aids
  4. Upon awakening:
    1. Gather as many images, feelings or impressions as you can, then rise and immediately record them in a journal (which you keep bedside) or say them into a tape recorder, no matter how brief or vague they may at first seem. You'll be surprised at how much more you can remember as you write (or speak).
    2. quick recall is the goal here so consider making notes on scrap paper and then entering it into your dream journal
    3. record the events of the dream and the emotional tone. 
    4. record your relationship to the dream ego (note this is not always your waking self)
    5. Note your feelings and immediate associations when you are doing your journal.  Even if it isnít obvious from the dream you might awake Knowing that the dream pertained to some specific issue or person in your life.
    6. Remember people in dreams are carrying energy Ė The real people are never in your dreams and arenít responsible for their actions in your dream.
    7. Each dream may have multiple meanings. Each object, person and situation may have various meanings when looked at from different vantages.  My first teacher always insisted that dreams pun and that images should often be looked at in that light. 
  5. Be playful, patient, and persistent. Although most people start having success the first week or two, dream recall is a mental muscle which may require some time to get back into shape.
    1. Try to maintain a relaxed and playful attitude of looking forward to your dreams while being willing to let them come all in good time. Trying too hard or being too serious can be limiting factors.
    2. Dream recall and motivation tend to come and go naturally in cycles, and also depend upon what else is going on in your life.
    3. Assign yourself a goal of 2 or 3 dreams a week Ė donít know why the pressure helps but it does

Affirmations that promote dream recall

There is great important to dreams.  My dreams allow me to unlock unseen potential within myself.