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Dream Dictionary


The interpretations you'll find here are the ones that are directly related to dream work I've done.  I did this dream dictionary as a class project.  That means that it's not inclusive of all symbols you might want when interpreting your dreams.  I've included a link to two of the on-line dream dictionary to help you. but remember the only one who can say what something means in your dream is you.  Feel free to disagree with everything.  You need to make your own dictionary because only you can really define what something means to you.  One thing I should note here is that dreams pun.  They play on words.  Given that I think punning is the lowest form of humor I wish I could say this isn't true but it is, so look at your images to see if they're a play on words as well as being literal images.  Note: most of the interpretations will be consistent with a Jungian view of things.  That means even dreams about sex probably don't have anything to do with sex, unlike the reverse situation in Freudian dream analysis.

Dream Central's dream dictionary
Robert Pele's dream dictionary


Advice - This is probably a message from your subconscious. Or, if you were giving advice to someone in your dream, maybe you should give them some in waking life.


Life companions

cattn.gif (440 bytes)Cat - Where should one include an animal that is a life companion in this reality?  Neela (her craft name - didn't you know that register pedigreed cats need craft names as much as humans do?)  works with me in the circle, has joined me on shamanic journeys and has walked with me in the dream world.  I could ask for no better companion on my journey.

Question: What baggage are you carrying on your "cart" that keeps you from living in the now?

Dragon - According to Menet the relationship between dragons and humans is special.  They're not power animals but companions of a special nature since the bond exists at the soul level and they're with us in every life.  Dragons come in a variety of shapes and sizes and elemental natures.  Menet is a crystal dragon..

Question: At what time did you have a revelation of your vocation?

horse.gif (2098 bytes)Horse - Power.   I'm surprised at how often horse images come in for me. 

Question: Are you strong enough to meet people outside of your group?

I found Cieenenen (blaze) again when I was taking a class with Michael Harner.  KC was suppose to retrieve a power animal for me that I had lost and when she came back from her journey she said she'd met a horse.  I then journeyed to discover what she had found and realized that I'd let someone take Cieenenen (my power) from me many years ago.  She's a roan with a white blaze on her forehead.   

War Horse - Over the years horse has come to me in many forms with many different lessons.  My current view is that I've moved beyond my images of a race horse and I've become a war horse.  A war horse is smart, they understand that there objective is to survive not just to win. 

Mountain Goat  - Though these beings also have an affinity to the earth element, their natural terrain is up high in the clouds and mists of windswept mountains. Mountain goats have a steady and sure-footed gait, and can use their powerful strength to quickly bound over boulders and up crags. These beings help us to be direct and sure on our path, to be clear and grounded in our movements and in our relationships.

Scaling the heights, be it spiritual, mental, emotional or material, including being able to receive greater honour and recognition for your life's work. Establishing resources needed to accomplish a long term goal or project. To keep the momentum going even things seem very difficult or impossible to achieve. You have dreamed a dream, now bring it into manifestation through persistence and keeping your eyes firmly on the prize.

Question: What are you willing to work hard for?

snowyowl.gif (1520 bytes)Snowy owlOwl's Wisdom Includes:

Question:  How can you express your inner knowing constructively in your vocation?

snowleopard.gif (727 bytes)Snow leopard:

Question: What truth do you personally stand up for?


What is your spiritual path?

Real Life Visitors - these are animals who have actually physically come to call at various times in my life.

Bobcat - The art of hearing what isn't said. able to turn on/off creative forces in life, look for what is hidden an all levels, trust your senses. 

Bobcat teaches how to keep confidences and secrets and to know when to speak, how much and to whom. It gives one the ability to see what others may be trying to hide. The "tufted" ears indicate a connection to the ability to hear what is NOT being said and can lead to developing clairaudience. If bobcat enters your life you should look for what is hidden - in yourself and in others. Trust your own senses and instincts. You should also expect some new learning experiences which will help teach that your true power and strength in certain situations is through silence.

I'm amazed at how often I've been seeing bobcat recently.  On 11/1/04 I saw a pair rollicking through my backyard .  This makes me question that emphasis of Bobcat as a solitary being, in February they came back and stayed for almost an hour.  I actually thought they were going to move in.

coyote.gif (1817 bytes)Coyote - Trickster. When we're being too serious about life Coyote may come along to teach us to laugh at ourselves. It is also the karmic enforcer, reminding us that whatever we do to others will be done to us. I've never met Coyote on the inner paths but I know him well from two years of living in the southwest and he's almost as common here in the pacific Northwest

deer.gif (1786 bytes)Deer (Abhach) or Stag (Sailetheach):

In its form of the white doe or white stag, the deer was often a messenger and guide from the Otherworld. Following such an animal led the unsuspecting human into contact with supernatural beings. The antlered headdress of Cernunnos is a symbol of the stags stature. The deer represents keen scent, grace, swiftness, and gentleness. These are the ways of reaching our goals without using force.  - We don't have anything but regular bucks and does here but they tromp through the yard often enough
  • Gentleness in word, thought and touch
  • Ability to listen
  • Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance
  • Understanding of what's necessary for survival
  • Power of gratitude and giving
  • Ability to sacrifice for the higher good
  • Connection to the woodland goddess
  • Alternative paths to a goal

hawk.gif (1750 bytes)Hawk -- Perception, Focus, protection, Primal life force, fulfillment, spring and fall equinoxes. Hawk helps diminish fever and headaches. His color is haze he is connected to willow, the tree of the Triple Goddess. Hawk teaches us how to observe and receive the signals of life.

hummingbird.gif (1558 bytes)Hummingbird - Joy. Hummingbird darts lightly through the world, spreading its message of joy and beauty, and teaching us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence.

squirrel.gif (2104 bytes)Squirrel - Gathering. Squirrel, in preparing for winter, gathers only what it needs. This medicine teaches us to discard not only unnecessary physical objects but those negative beliefs which limit our trust in love and abundance. - Does anyone with a yard not share their lives with the squirrels?  In fact I joke that according to them -- they own this house and we keep intruding.  With an animal this common you need to look for notable or unusual behavior.

  • Ability to solve puzzles
  • Resourcefulness
  • Quick change of direction
  • Storing for the future
  • Balance in giving and receiving
  • Power of rest during times of non-movement



beaver.gif (1759 bytes)Beaver - Builder. Some people in life are builders.   We can't help it.  We see problems or things that need to be done and we're incapable of not doing them.  We're not motivated by power or glory we simply need to solve problems and build something.  I've never met Beaver on any of my inner journeys and yet I'd say I belong to the clan of the beaver.  Beaver's Wisdom Includes:

cowblk.gif (455 bytes)Cow (Bo):  Once so important to the Celts and the Nordic tribes that they (cows) were used as a form of currency or monetary exchange. Ancient Irish lords were known as bo-aire or cow-lord. The cow symbolizes value, providing for daily needs (nourishment), and movable wealth.  

Connection to the Great Mother Goddess (as the primal nourisher)
Connection to the grasses (the cow is a pivot point in the food chain)
Sharing through community (milk is a renewable resource whereas beef is not - at least not from the same cow)
Movable wealth

Audhumla- The great mother of the creation, the hornless cow or bovine. She licked the first gods out of the ice and nourished Ymir.  Four rivers of milk flow from her utters to nourish all.

Dog - Dog can be either a totem or it can serve some functions as a familiar.  As a familiar the most common role is that of protector.  My little guy is barely 20lbs but he's a fighter and fiercely loyal.  Of the three dogs we've had he's the smallest and the most protective.  Dog Medicine incorporates the loving kindness of the best friend and the protective energy of the guardian. Dog reminds you that your loyalty should always be to yourself, to your own truth. He reminds you that by respecting and valuing yourself you can truly render a service to those who honor what you can give them.

I sound the alarm!
Deliveryman - come to kill us all -
Look! Look! Look! Look!

goose.gif (1657 bytes)Goose-- Story telling, fertility and fidelity, Safe return; Love of home
Goose teaches us it is possible to be well grounded and flight to the heights of spirit too - loyalty to mate and family - communication (especially written), to use innocent imagination as a tool for growth. It leads us to travel and have adventures in multiple awareness - reminds us to watch our diet too.

Movement along ones soul path
Understanding the power of community
Assisting others through illness

wolf.gif (1895 bytes)Wolf - Dream Catcher. In my personal lexicon Wolf has introduced himself to me as "Dream Catcher"  His role is to make sure that my dreams are accessible to me and not lost in the shadows of the night. Hecate sent him to me.

Annual Teachers - Some annual teachers come for the year and leave and others come for a year and stay.

2004 horse.gif (2098 bytes)The White Horse - The white horse is the only beast that was allowed to travel freely to and from the Otherworld, a general term for the dwelling places of the spirits and gods . The White horse can appear with wings (Pegasus) or with a Horn (the unicorn) or simply as a magical white steed.  Where horses normally are representations of personal power, in the case of the white horse they represent power granted to us from above as an aid in accomplishing our goals.

Some years my annual totem animals show up late.  Some years they show up in a hidden guise (like last year).  This is the first year I can remember where any totem has been quite so insistent about making his presence felt.

2003Griffin: This mythical beast has the head and wings of an eagle, and the body and tail of a lion. It teaches the shaman to combine various positive traits in strength, yet maintaining discretion and seeing the truth. The protective griffin symbolizes great magic and power.

As a Lesson totem the Griffin can descend into its lower incarnation the vulture. I don't know whether I failed or the lessons I needed to learn this year just had to do with cleaning up a lot of old junk but I've certainly seen the vulture and I haven't seen much of the griffin

I have recently come to realize that there are two sets of shadow teachers.  There are those animals who are there to help us mediate and deal with our shadows and then there are those who actually carry the shadow energy

2002 snowleopard.gif (727 bytes) White Tiger  - The White Tiger's hide of white with dark brown stripes provides near perfect camouflage during the hours of dawn and dusk, the hours during which he/she is most likely to hunt for food.  Being thus endowed, the white of the tiger appears to the eyes of potential prey, to be innocuous areas of sunlight in the forest or jungle, while the stripes provide the illusion of shadow.  Thus, it is believed that this is a spirit that dwells in both the world of darkness (physical realm) as well as that of the light (spirit realm).

As a Lesson; Totem Tiger would be present to teach that individual the importance of the Power of Conviction, as this is one of the keywords of White Tiger

  • element - metal
  • 2001 The Flying Horse - I really didn't understand the gift of this totem until after the fact.  The flying horse can let you get through a situation without ever becoming mired in it.  It can also mean a year of travel and the feeling of always flying around.  The downside of this totem is that you can also feel as if your feet never touch the ground. 

    2000 bluejaytn.gif (400 bytes)Blue Jay- The jay reflects lessons in how to use personal power correctly and efficiently. They remind you to pay attention and not allow yourself to be placed in a position in which power is misused against you. Those with jay as a totem need to heed this warning. The bright blue crest on the top of a blue jays head links it to father sky, reminding those with this totem that true power must be utilized with integrity and balance.

    Jays are incredibly resourceful. This can represent a need within yourself to learn adaptability for survival with the least amount of effort. Since the jay doesn't usually migrate and stays around all winter, it serves as a teacher who will settle in and work with you as long as you need it. Jay is willing to teach you fearlessness, adaptability and survival but you must be willing to follow its lead and become power through presence.

    I think I didn't listen to Jay as much as I should have.  The year started off great but issues around power and the fear it can cause in others lead me to make a change I would rather not have made

    1999turtle.gif (1884 bytes)Turtle - Mother Earth. By following the example of Turtle we can learn to ground ourselves in the nurturing and protective energy of the earth and to flow with its energies at a pace which assures completion of our tasks. Turtle visited me when I was doing work with the earth element.  I was surprised that it was earth and not water.  Turtle is definitely a teacher for me now especially since I'm grappling with the issues of home and right place.

    1998 Swan - Grace. Swan teaches us to trust the grace of our being as it operates in both the physical and spiritual planes, and urges us to rejoice in the gifts of our physical bodies and our intuitive minds. Color is blue. In healing, steadies the nerves. Ivy, I die where I cling. The power of women and attributed to grace. Teaches us to surrender to the grace and rhythm of the universe. One can learn to move into the spirit of the All. Spiritual power.  Swan's Wisdom Includes:

    Awakening the power of self
    Understanding dream symbols
    Seeing into the future
    Understanding spiritual evolution
    Developing intuitive abilities
    Grace in dealing with others

    Swans mate for life and it is in that context that I usually work with them.  They are also a very strong Celtic totem and the mute swan represents my birth month in the Celtic tree system.  While swan has been in and out of my life for a long time having her as the totem for the year I got married seems auspicious.

    1997 otter.gif (1737 bytes)Otter - Otter is receptive, playful, and free of jealousy. As both women and men begin to express the highest qualities of this medicine the world can become a joyful place where all can play without fear of harm or loss. Otter's Wisdom Includes:

    Sensibility without suspicion
    Guidance in unmasking talents
    Psychic awareness
    Understanding the value of playtime

    Otter has very special symbolism for me.  On the level of the other world she introduced me to my husband. It's actually kind of a cute story.  Three weeks after I met my husband he gave me a valentines day card with the picture of an otter on it.  Since Otter had already come to me and told me he'd help me find the right man I naturally accepted this as a sign that I'd finally met the right one.

    1987  Black Unicorn -

    Twelfth House Teachers -
    A twelfth house teach is a shadowy totem that is sent to help us deal with difficult issues and problems.  Unlike a shadow teacher they don't carry any negative energy in and of themselves.  

    Octopus - Octopus is a way-shower through the shadow.   I have very little water in my nature and octopus has come to me as a guide to help mediate that which is by nature my shadow.

    The octopus has a built in defense system to guard against negative attack. She teaches us to guard against those negative persons and situations that might otherwise harm us. Octopus People often experience very emotional dreams as well as a lot of emotional healing through the Dream State. Finally octopus teaches us to approach all things not with the intent to destroy, but with universal love, strength, and faith.

    • Intelligence
    • Moving rapidly away from danger when needed
    • Proper use of smoke screens (ink) in evading enemies
    • Destroying negative barriers

    Vulture The vulture is here as a shadow teacher because some of the lessons she brings are hard lessons, not because she herself is negative.  One of the teachings that vulture holds for mankind is the cleaning up of messes. This can be physical, emotional, or psychic messes which we don't want to deal with. Vulture medicine can guide us to the resolution of such problems.

    • Death and rebirth

    • Purification

    Shadow Teachers - Shadow teachers are intensely personal.  My shadow teacher might be someone else's life companion (I hear from bear folks a lot asking me what my problem is).  Anyway Shadow teacher's show up in our nightmares and occasionally even run rampant in our waking life (I have real bear stories in addition to those nightmares). 

    alligator.gif (1971 bytes)Alligator I don't know why alligator is always such a lurking threat in my dreams. 

    Alligators hide themselves in water and mud waiting for unsuspecting creatures to happen by, and then snap. They eat any animal they can swallow and if they can't swallow it, they tear it into bite size pieces. The eyes of the alligator are positioned high on their head allowing them to remain relatively hidden beneath the water and still be able to seek out prey. Hiding in the water ties the alligator to the emotional body of man. The alligator holds the teachings of the discovery and the release of emotions that are locked beneath the surface.

    The power of alligator is its power to survive. They have no known predators. If alligator shows up in your life or in the dream time it might be telling you to take care of yourself and secure your basic survival needs.

    These fascinating creatures digest their food slowly. Those with this totem should remember to digest and assimilate all experiences thoroughly before moving forward in haste. Alligators teach the art of patience and appropriate timing. They know when to hide beneath the water, peak above it, or take action and snap.

    grizzly.gif (1686 bytes)Grizzly Bear - Mindless force, bent on destruction.  If you have a bear totem please do not take offense at this.  My intention here is merely to show that totems can carry negative as well as positive energy.  I've encountered bear a number of times on the other plain and the experiences have been rather terrifying.  I'm also very familiar with Bear on this plain and I admit my experiences have been less than warm and cuddly

    • Defense and revenge
    • Death and rebirth
    • Transformation
    • Astral travel
    • Creature of dreams

    frog.gif (1990 bytes)Frog -everyday things may have teeth.  That may sound strange but I've had a number of dreams populated with frogs who just happen to have rather sharp teeth.

    Rat  - Destruction  - Rats are sly, sometimes aggressive, creatures who can track down whatever they seek, defending themselves with great ferociousness. Rat energy can also show us how we see our enemies.  One personally test I saw gave the word rat and then asked for a one word description.  My word was destructive.  Thinking about it my personal experience has been that wild rats simply ruin the area they inhabit, they eat our food, shred our furniture or clothing and they're aggressive enough to feed on humans if they possibly can.  For shadow images simply think Willard.

    • Abundant reproduction
    • Ability to live unseen
    • Stealth
    • Defense
    • Intelligence

    snake.gif (1941 bytes)Snake - Transmutation. As Snake sheds its skin so we can shed our illusions and limitations in order to fully use our vitality and desires to achieve wholeness. I was born in the year of the snake  This should be a positive totem but I've had snakes dreams my whole life where I'm struggling with them to keep from being bitten.

    Question: How do you separate survival and your spiritual work or path?

    Symbolic Power animals

    ant2.GIF (280 bytes)Ant
    Ant's Wisdom Includes:

    Energy and patience needed to complete work
    Communal living
    Storing for the future

    Bee  Service; Gathering; Community. Bee teaches us it is possible to live together in harmony, however impossible that may seem at times. As a community, bees create honey (sweeter life), wax (sealing, bonding, polishing) pollen (healing), and are know to do a sun dance ~ a celebration of living.  Within some cultures, they are connected to female warrior & Goddess energy, are a symbol of reincarnation, and can communicate with the dead. 

    • concentration 
    • structure
    • community
    • communication
    • celebration of living 
    • prosperity

    butterfly.gif (1678 bytes)Butterfly - Transformation. Butterfly fearlessly leaves the safety of its cocoon to meet a new world in a new form, trusting its untried wings to allow it to fly. It is a powerful symbol for anyone who's contemplating or in the midst of a major change.

    crane.gif (1616 bytes)Crane / Patience - Perseverance.  Crane is said to be one of the first birds to greet the sunrise and to have the ability to predict rains and storms. In human sense, it teaches us to predict the 'emotional' storms of human nature. Cranes dance in circles and their dance has long been associated with underworld (Otherworld) guides; leading souls in and out of incarnation. Crane teaches us patience, it stands perfectly still for endless hours observing until the moment is right. It teaches us to remain focused - to concentrate without distraction. Color Brown. In healing, represents time and patience of the process. Keeper of sacred tools, and associated with its attribute in shapeshifting. Teaches the heart to open and shift into other worlds. 

    • Symbol of spring and light
    • New knowledge
    • Astral travel
    • Seeing all things associated with secrets
    • Longevity
    • Elegance
    • Seeks to help others on their paths
    • Wisdom

    Crane helps us to find the magic in nature. Her gift of healing is time and patience. Her color is brown and and she teaches the heart to open to the Tree of Trees and the OtherWorlds.

    dolphin.gif (149 bytes)Dolphin - Breath of Life. Dolphin teaches us that in attuning to the rhythms and patterns of nature we can learn true communication with the wisdom of All That Is and share this wisdom with others.

    • Sensitivity, 
    • Sea Angels. 

    Dolphins are symbols of hope, models of what we hope our human society could be, if we learn to behave like them. They are mammals who bring us knowledge from the waters of life. They instruct us to move with the ebb and flow of the tides in our lives, instead of making mountains out of mole hills. As they live in the water but breath air, they bring us a lesson in rhythmic breathing. This breathing helps reduce stress and weariness by clearing out negative energy from our bodies. Dolphins emit clicking sounds which bounce and reverberate off objects, this is called echo-location. Tonal scales have a profound impact on dolphin people. Dolphins have large brains and an empathy for humans. 

    airdragon.gif (680 bytes)Air Dragon - Thought, Inspiration, Insight
    brings us an invitation to soar to higher levels of consciousness. Like thunder and lightening, it can be frightening and terrible, bringing destruction in its wake. Treated respectfully and responsibly - air dragon is an ally that can help on the quest for enlightenment. It is seen as a conveyer of ethereal / spiritual power, the symbol of visitations because it is a messenger of the sky (higher mind).

    welshdragon.gif (359 bytes)Earth Dragon - Grounding, Power, Potentials
    within we each have a treasure house of possibilities, potentials, power, that we can learn to use. Earth dragon comes to us as a messenger that we have come to a point of power, the ability to access inner potential is here, to manifest power and wealth. It beckons us to discover the beauty and power that is within ourselves and within those around us. It cautions us against greed. This dragon is a powerful symbol of self discovery, it is a somewhat passive energy.

    • Acknowledges the truths that have been denied by the soul
    • Movement to and from the soul world
    • Movement in the void
    • Finds the parts of the soul that have been hidden
    • Building self- respect
    • Strength
    • Wisdom
    • Bridge to the elders
    • Unseen speed

    firedragon.gif (520 bytes)Fire Dragon - Transmutation, Energy, Mastery
    this ally will bring great energy. Courage, vitality, enthusiasm, and an increase in ability / internal drive. As a positive it aligns us with leadership and mastery. As a negative it shows us anger, often repressed - that we are not in control and give away our power. This symbol shows the active and fierce within.

    waterdragon.gif (2341 bytes)Water Dragon - Depth, Emotion, Unconscious
    this ally brings memories, wishes, hopes and dreams into light. It calls us to remember and confront these deepest feelings. Sometimes it seems frightening or overwhelming, or we may attempt to pretend there is nothing we need to look at. The arrival of water dragon brings the hope we may achieve balance and stability as we integrate our strongest feelings into our conscious awareness.


    dragonfly.gif (1710 bytes)Dragonfly - Illusion. When we've tricked ourselves into believing that the limitations of physical existence prevent us from changing and growing Dragonfly medicine teaches us to pierce our self-created illusions.

    • Mastery of life on the wing
    • Power of flight
    • Power to escape a blow
    • Understanding dreams
    • Power of light
    • Breaking down illusions
    • Seeing the truth in situations
    • Swiftness
    • Change
    • Connection to Dragon

    eagle.gif (1700 bytes)Eagle - Spirit Eagle flies fearlessly, bridging heaven and earth, and teaches us to courageously face our fear of the unknown in order to fly as high as our heart's joy can take us.  There is an eagle that sits atop Yggdrisal that wars with the snake that continually gnaws at the roots of Yggdrisal. The eagle has a hawk perched on it's forehead and it is thought by some that this eagle is the same eagle that, by flapping it's wings causes the winds in the world of man.

    • Illumination
    • Understands the cycles of the Sun
    • All aspects of clear vision
    • The Solar Bird
    • Spiritual power
    • Sees from the highest places
    • Courage
    • Strength

    Falcon - new beginnings, adventure, passionate, leadership
    Color is Haze. In healing, aids in diminishing fevers and headaches. Willow, sacred tree of the Triple Goddess; message: past, present, future, now. The messenger, attributed with responsibility. Teaches to observe, receive signals, and grab opportunity. One beings to connect with the far-reaching memory. Falcon/Hawk is the ancestor soul. hawk has similar powers as eagle, and teaches similar lessons, however it's "sight" is more grounded in nature

    • Clear-sightedness
    • Being observant
    • Far-memory
    • Messages from spirit
    • Guardianship
    • Recalling past lives
    • Courage
    • Wisdom
    • Illumination
    • Seeing the larger picture
    • Creativity
    • Truth
    • Experience
    • Wise use of opportunities
    • Overcoming problems

    fox.gif (1759 bytes)Fox - Camouflage. Fox's greatest gift is not being able to outrun the hounds, but to know in advance when they'll be on the hunt. When we learn to detach from our surroundings and to observe with all of our senses, we, too, will be able to anticipate and create the future.


    xhedgehog1.jpg (3116 bytes)Hedgehog - shield of the soul.  The hedgehog shields the soul, protecting it with an impenetrable barrier.  It teaches that, regardless of the destructive experiences of life which can break down or damage the personality, the soul can always endure as a source of knowledge, love and inner strength.

    • Wisdom of the female elders
    • Fertility
    • Defense against negativity
    • Enjoyment of life
    • Understanding weather patterns

    lizard.gif (1846 bytes)Lizard - Dreaming. In our dreams we imagine different futures and choose which we will materialize. Lizard teaches us the importance of respecting and remembering our dreams.

    Mouse- Scrutiny. Mouse teaches us to pay attention to the little details which might get overlooked in our mad dash to see the big picture, and reminds us not to overlook the obvious.

    cougar.gif (1886 bytes)Mountain Lion - Leadership. To be true to oneself, allowing neither fear of responsibility nor the jealousy and insecurities of others to divert one from one's path, is the mark of a genuine leader.

    rabbit.gif (1648 bytes)Rabbit - Fear The more we focus on our fears the more we attract them to us. Rabbit medicine teaches us to attract to us abundance, love, health, and a warm, dry burrow.

    raven.gif (1618 bytes)Raven (visit Raven's Aviary for all sorts of wonderful information and pictures on Ravens, Crows and other Corvids).  Raven has recently shown up as a semi-shadow figure. 

    • Death and Rebirth
    • Recycling
    • Healing (recovering lost pieces of the soul)
    • Casting light on Shadow
    • Reflections / Mirrors
    • Introspection
    • Honoring ancestors 
    • Magic of the Crone
    • Divination
    • Change in consciousness

    salmon.gif (1611 bytes)Salmon - Instinct, persistence, determination

    • Value of returning home to regenerate
    • Swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight
    • Understanding divination messages
    • Rebirth of spiritual knowledge

    seal.jpg (2882 bytes) Seal - The Inner Voice The seal reminds us of our connection to our deep inner rhythms, feelings, and knowing, as represented by the sea. When we fear drowning in these depths, Seal reminds us how to swim.

    • Protection during change
    • Lucid dreaming
    • Protection from danger
    • Movement through emotions
    • Creativity

    sow.gif (1467 bytes) Sow (Airc):  The Goddess Cerridwen was known as the White Sow. The sow was considered a very powerful creature in the Underworld. As a creature of Cerridwen, it was associated with the Sacred Cauldren and the granting of inspiration; also a creature of death and rebirth.

    Pig/Sow/Boar's Wisdom Includes:

    Crone Goddess
    Rooting out the truth
    Deep Earth magick
    Past life knowledge
    Becoming invisible during times of danger

    spider.gif (1983 bytes)Spider - Weaver. As Spider weaves her web so we weave our realities. This medicine teaches to remember that we are the creators of our lives. that we are the creators of our lives.

    Unicorn (Briabhall): This mythic animal had the body of a white horse, the legs of an antelope, and the tail of lion; a single horn was on its head. It is the symbol of supreme magickal power. It teaches that every action is creation, so make every day counts. It also helps to understand the relationship between physical and spiritual realities.

    whale.GIF (124 bytes)Whale - Record Keeper. Through the rhythm and patterns of sound Whale teaches us to hear our inner voices, to be in touch with our personal truths, and thus to know the wisdom and feel the heartbeat of the universe.

    • All knowledge associated with voice
    • Psychic and telepathic abilities
    • All aspects of the sea
    • Beauty of movement

    Woodpecker - When a Woodpecker totem enters your life,it indicates that the foundation is there and it is safe to follow through. It will stimulate new rhythms.It reflects a wakening of new mental faculties. You may be so wrapped up in mental and spiritual activitiesthat you've neglected the physical.Listen to your body's rhythms and sounds and heed what it is telling you. It is also said that Woodpecker calls the thunder from the sky with the same rhythmic knocking.  

    • Connection to the earth
    • Ability to find hidden layers
    • Understands rhythms, cycles and patterns
    • Warnings
    • Prophecy
    • Associated with thunder
    • The Earth's drummer
    • Pecks away at deception until the truth is revealed

    Shamans can ride the drumbeats of the Woodpecker's rhythminto another dimension, space and time.


    Wren (Dryw, Dreoilin):
    A sacred bird to the Druids specifically, its musical notes were used for divination. As with many other birds, the wren was considered a messenger from the deities. Color is black. In healing, the power of cleansing and strengthening. Oak, symbol of strength, endurance, and triumph. The king of all birds, attribute of charm. Wren teaches the gift of song and good cheer. One begins to participate in the celebration of Life. The power of Mythos. Wren teaches the gift of song and good cheer so that we may participate in the celebration of life.




    Blanket - Security, warmth, protection against the cold.

               Borrowed Blanket - needs met but on a temporary basis.

    Bedspread - Outer appearances.

    Blood - If you are losing blood, perhaps you are feeling "drained" in waking life. It also symbolizes energy and vitality. Or it could have something to do with your health at present.

    Breaking and spilling things

    In one dream I knocked over three bottles and split the contents of some brightly colored fluid
    In the same dream I was confronted for having gotten red ink on a client's evening gown (it was a 1 in 1000 accident) . 

    Unconsciously choosing to release the contents that had been previously trapped.
    Being clumsy.
    Leaving a mark (the red ink) 


               Late for: Missing a spiritual message

    Hotel - Temporary transient state, attitude or feeling. A phase you’re going through.

    Can’t find room number - Myriad of possibilities with no way to know the right one. Can’t find a place to rest.

    Office Complex

    Company owned - Large scale undertaking. Small community. A self-contained world.

    Office - Consciousness of a job to do, work to be done, business affairs, accounting, discipline, order, and organization. (May include frustration or problems at work).

    2nd floor office - In the head - not on the ground floor.
    Never had anything but a ground floor office till I moved to East Coast. Interesting to note that I have had four jobs with three separate companies all with 8th floor offices in the last 5 years.

    Personal office - May represent your place in the business world.

    My office isn't on the future floor plan - feeling like you don't belong.  As if you have no place

    Some else has moved into my office  - feeling like you've been replaced or misperceived your role in the organization

    Conference Room - Place to plan, confer, confront, or defend ideas, ideals, plans and projects

    Not be able to find a conference room/settling for second best

    Restaurant - Owned by a close friend - Needs are being met. Sustenance is being provided.

    Skyscraper - Being up above it all; out of the hustle and bustle of the streets below.

    Looking out the window/looking down from the top - Opportunity to see things from a different perspective; a way to see the whole picture.

    Store - A consciousness of your supply or lack of supply of material, mental or emotional needs.

    Does the store have what you want?
    Do you have the money?
    Are the prices to high or are they bargains?

    Tent - Movable shelter. A way to come in out of the rain.

    Rooms in buildings


    Can’t find - No place "to go". No acceptable way to release or cleanse your emotions. No way to get things "out of your system". Can mean your body or soul is desperately needing the release of tears. This can be on a physical level, an emotional level or possibly both.

    Shower - Place for cleansing and forgiveness, getting a fresh start, feeling clean and good, washing away the old.

    Being joined in shower by a man who’s not my lover -

    Chamber pot

    Pot to pee in - poverty - stripped down to the barest of essentials for civilized behavior.

    Modern plumbing not working - back to the old ways - have to actually confront cleaning up the physical process of elimination. Breakdown in the system.

    Still using the chamber pot when the plumbing is working again. Being uninformed/unobservant of change/progress. Unknowingly stuck in the past.

    Conference Room

    Closet Somebody told me once that if there is no room in your closet for another person’s clothes there’s no room in your life for them.

    Just barely finding room to squeeze someone’s garment bag into my closet. 7/29/95

    Business Cards - Professional identification. The who, what and where. Your name rank and serial number.

    Silver colored business cards - Novelty item- not mainstream. Attention grabbing.

    Ink won’t stay on/Ink faded to ineligibility - Can’t communicate, wasted effort.

    Card turns to aluminum foil and won’t hold ink - inappropriate method of communication. Reflective: conveys nothing on its own.

    Scraps of paper as business cards - Leftovers, experimental drafts - Not ready for Prime time Players.

    Housewife’s Business Card - a torn deposit slip.



    Boots - Strong, tough exterior, either to protect you from the environment or to let you go places you couldn’t or wouldn’t go otherwise. Can mean clumsy or callous behavior (hobnail boots)

    Hiking Boots - Preparedness, appropriateness, practicality, professionalism

    Coat - Protection or cover-up for attitudes and beliefs.

    Fur coat - Being in touch with animal nature. Very valuable covering. Warm.

    Cheap fur coat - unsophisticated but warm enough. Will do the job.

    Old Clothes

    Finding old clothes - If they fit and are still attractive, it can mean rediscovering parts of one’s self that have been put aside.

    Sorting through old clothes - Examining one’s personality to determine what "fits" into one’s current lifestyle now and what should be discarded.

    Throwing out old clothes - Realizing that behavior, interests or personality traits that once fit have now become out of date or worn out.

    Price Tags

    On clothing you’re wearing - "A New Leaf" - Being taken care of, being accepted despite being dingy.

    Cutting the tags off someone else’s clothes - Taking care of them.

    Shoes -

    High Heels - Fancy, feminine, dressy, sexy, required business attire regardless of impracticality. Up in the air.


    Argyle - a knitted article having a diamond-shaped pattern of two or more colors. Patterned after the clan tartan of Argyll. (Scottish). Considered sporty-casual as a style - suggested as a fun, creative touch to an otherwise safe conservative outfit. Preppy

    Specific Outfits

    Navy blue silk pleated skirt and cashmere sweater - Understated elegance. The quality of the fabric and the workmanship on the garment speak for themselves.

    Underwear - Being without pretense or outer covering.  The real you without artifice. 




    Cashmere- Expensive, soft, warm. Security. Life can’t be bad if you can afford cashmere.

    Silk - always appropriate. Plain styling is acceptable is the fabric is silk.


    Bread - Bread of life. Sustenance, daily needs, money.

    Automated assembly line - The universe will provide for your needs

    Mashed Potato Pie  --  Middle America home cooking. Comfort food. Simple, easy, nourishing.

    Eating it without putting it on a plate

    Recognition that its solid enough to hold in your hands. Intensive desire to consume. Eliminating all extra steps. Grabbing at things without taking the time to savor the entire experience. Even home cooking can look and taste good on nice china plates.

    Soup - Nourishment. Love. Healing. (Chicken Soup, the stone soap, Like Water for Chocolate

    Spilled Food - Look at what, when, how, how much, and who did the spilling. All point to the meaning. Could be a missed opportunity to try something, could be creating an unsolvable situation, could be being rescued from something bad for you.

    Stew - Comfort food. Substantial and nourishing



    Garden of gourmet salad greens - Knowledge, sophistication, appreciation and willingness to work for the finer things in life.

    Overgrown/untended garden - Salad green should be picked young. 2 1/2 ft romaine speaks to missed or neglected opportunity. The situation is salvageable (the lettuce can still be used) but the hoped for effect and reason for beginning the project in the first place has been wasted.

    Ivy - Feminine symbol.

    Gort - represents the spiral of the self and the search for the self. The maze and the labyrinth is also linked to Ivy since they symbolize the wandering of the soul, circling inward and outward.

    Overgrown Ivy - Long term neglect. Loss of struggle for control. (Ivy is tenacious).

    Can’t hire a gardener to remove - A process of working on the self that can only be done by the self. Uncovering and rebuilding the self.

    Poems - Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?



    Household things

    Light Bulb - a source of light.  

    Being asked to replaced a burned out bulb with a lower wattage - being asked to lower my brightness.  Being asked to turn down the power


    Grassy Knoll - High point but green and growing and alive

    Overlooking Valley with mountains in the distance - Overview of life.

    Resort area for a conference - the 9th floor has been a environment away from mainstream NYNEX. To me more than anyone its been a resort.

    Seashore - Area where emotions (sea) and material levels (land) meet. A good place to balance (ground) your mind and emotions. To unwind, refresh and renew both body and spirit. Possible hint that you might need a vacation.

    The Shadow Land

    Shadow (n)

    Synonyms - adumbrations, cover, dark dimness, dusk, gloom, obscuration, obscurity, penumbra, protection, shade, shelter, umbra umbrage

    East Palo Alto, East Nairobi Village, Mattapan - Black communities. a place where the dark other dwells. a place of potential violence.

    The Warehouse district. A deserted area after hours. A place where the dwellers of the night (the drug dealers, the mob) chose to transact their business.



    Snowballs - Childhood activity. Sense of Play. Turning something cold and dreary into something fun.

    Sexually explicit video tape - Hidden sexual secrets - Sex, Lies and Video. Blackmail, power struggles, exploitation.

    Green leather couch - Home/past. Making something my own

    Mythical Beings

    Phoenix, Transformation fro the better. Represents metamorphous, transmutation, transfiguration, reincarnation, spiritual rebirth and renewal

    Vampire - Blood sucker- energy stealers



    1   Monad. Point. The source of all numbers. Good, desirable, essential, indivisible.

    2   Dyad. Line. Diversity, a loss of unity, the number of excess and defect. The first feminine number. Duality.

    3   Triad. Plane. By virtue of the triad, unity and diversity of which it is composed are restored to harmony. The first odd, masculine number.

    4   Tetrad. Solid. The first feminine square. Justice, steadfast and square. The number of the square, the elements, the seasons, ages of man, lunar phases, virtues.

    5   Pentad. The masculine marriage number, uniting the first female number and the first male number by addition.

    • The number of fingers or toes on each limb.
    • The number of regular solids or polyhedral.
    • Incorruptible: Multiples of 5 end in 5.

    6   The first feminine marriage number, uniting 2 and 3 by multiplication.
    The first perfect number (One equal to the sum of its aliquot parts, IE, exact divisors or factors, except itself. Thus, (1 + 2 + 3 = 6).
    The area of a 3-4-5 triangle

    7   Heptad. The maiden goddess Athene, the virgin number, because 7 alone has neither factors or product. Also, a circle cannot be divided into seven parts by any known construction).

    8   The first cube.

    9   The first masculine square.
    Incorruptible - however often multiplied, reproduces itself.

    10   Decad. Number of fingers or toes.
    Contains all the numbers, because after 10 the numbers merely repeat themselves.
    The sum of the archetypal numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10)

    27   The first masculine cube.

    28   Astrologically significant as the lunar cycle.
    It's the second perfect number (1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 = 28).
    It's also the sum of the first 7 numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 28)!

    35   Sum of the first feminine and masculine cubes (8+27)

    36   Product of the first square numbers (4 x 9)
    Sum of the first three cubes (1 + 8 + 27)
    Sum of the first 8 numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8)




    Everything that appears in a dream, be it another person, well known to us or a stranger, is a direct manifestation of something hitherto unknown or unperceived in our own psyche. If your best friend appears to you it means that what this person represent are really your own aspects, properties, though you have pushed them aside.


    Bathing/Changing. Cleaning up any messes or mistakes you have made. A fresh start. Taking care of problems.

    Feeding - Feeding, or nurturing something important. Working toward a positive goal.

    Abandoned to care of another. - A project or idea left with someone else. Can be temporary or can be permanent. 

    Left with Security Guard - Baby is safe and "secure". No Harm will come to it. In the dream it was a problem I would have to solve but one I was willing to take on. Some feeling that the child was Hispanic

    Wrapped in overcoats - protected from the elements but almost lost in the protection. Buffered from human warmth as well.

    Archetypal People

    Woman who wants to be physically close to me - (no sexual connotation) Need to listen more to the physical side of the self. Greater unity and a more nurturing environment. A demand by the body to have a larger role.

    Two bad women.

    The energy of the evil sorceress. As yet untrained but uncaring and greedy. 

    Incompetent housekeepers - not helping taking more of my time than they’re saving 

    Physical States

    Paralyzed - Feeling powerless, unable to move, to cope or do anything about a situation. Dream is emphasizing how you feel and your need to move.

    Skinny - Malnourished, anorexic, lack of sex-appeal, or lack of sexual identity. Can neuter oneself by being thin and hide behind fat.

    To skinny to eat - Can avoid other’s cannibalistic tendencies by not having enough for them to feed off.


    Attorney - If a man then Male power figure. Animus. Advocate

    Chief Scientist - Non-managerial career path. Being true to own talents and inclinations. (career path offer to my ex-husband)

    Chief Scientist's Brother/Project Administrator - Managerial path but more prone to corruption (greed/lust for power). Choice made for abilities but not for passion. Opens up possibility of amoral behavior.

    Manufacturing manager - Someone who sees to it that things are built and shipped in a timely fashion. Deals in reality.

    Dream image - An understanding man but not to the point of destroying or risking or destroying his purpose. Patient, attractive and nice, but flawed, deeply dangerously flawed.

    Psychiatrist - Conventional wisdom. If male; animus, patriarchal authority.

    Minister - Evangelical Male - Patriarchal authority. "The other" An individual who’s role overshadows his personal identity.

    Secret Agent - Behind the scenes source of information. Multifaceted. Able to appear to be many things. Multitalented. Answers to a higher power/lives by own code. Organizing, ordering principles (animus???)

    Security Guard - Source of Security. The interrelation shown in the dream points up how you feel about your state of security, or where you think your security is coming from.



    Roads, Paths, streets and signs


    Paved - Frequently traveled by lost of people. Path to get somewhere but one that has been modified to make it easier and to accommodate more people.

    Unpaved - Following in others footsteps. a path that has been traveled before but one that take more personal effort, commitment and skill.

    Paved and fenced - Limitations on choices. Once your on the trail you’re expected to keep going till the end. Fenced off from the surrounding environment. "Look but don’t touch."

    With turnoffs - There are ways out if you only look for them. Options. Look for degree of ease and access.

    One-Way - Can denote limited choices that, once made, would commit you to go on with this, or suggest "you may have to back out of this one". Can also denote limited thinking patterns.



    Shapes and symbols


    Hexagram -sometimes used to create the illusion of a cube by connecting every other vertex to the center, forming three diamonds, and shading each diamond differently. The hexagrarn is also called a Solomon's Seal. Joseph Campbell says that King Solomon used this seal to imprison monsters & giants into jars.


    Six circles will fit around a seventh, of the same diameter, dividing the circumference into 6 equal parts, and the radius of a circle exactly divides the circumference into six parts, giving a six petalled rose.

    The Golden Triangle - is also called the sublime triangle, is an isosceles triangle whose ratio of leg to base is the golden ratio. It is also an isosceles triangle whose ratio of base to leg is the golden ratio, so there are two types: Type I, acute, and type II, obtuse.

    Pentagon - can be subdivided into two obtuse and one acute golden triangle.



    The earth diamond or rhomb was said to be the sign of the virgin earth (mother earth at the beginning of creation

    The eye of fire - (Norse) the goddess Hel, the underground earth mother had a fiery eye that always saw the truth and mortal faults could not be concealed from her.

    A golden diamond, sometimes marked with a cross, was the most common sign of the earth mother in the orient.

    Diamond in the golden flower - a Chinese euphemism for sexuality and fertility (the diamond representing sperm)


    In India in tantric-buddhism the diamond is taken as a metaphor for the divine spirit sensed through sexual orgasm. This is the real reason that diamonds acquired such undisputed value as symbols of royal power and the power of love.

    Diamonds were deposited in the earth by lightening and in Medieval Europe it was assumed that thunder could dissolve a diamond (what had created could also destroy)

    Lozenge - a small flavored tablet, often medicated, that was originally diamond shaped - Diamond shaped-A diamond shaped shield bearing the arms of a woman.

    Star Ruby

    Red — the energy producer — also promotes spiritual strength, sexuality and individuality.


    Times of Days

    Dusk - the state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight. Partial darkness, shade, or gloom.

    Synonyms - Dark, dimday, dimmet, evening, eventide, gloaming, gloom, nightfall, sundown, sunset.

    Flowers - Evening Primrose - A plant having yellow flowers that open at nightfall.

    Stones - Evening Emerald - the Peridot

    Evensong - evening prayer - Vespers


    Bus - Corresponds to a group of individuals all headed in the same direction or an experience shared with others.  Being part of the group.

    School bus - learning life’s lessons

    I’m not driving. Fate is moving us all along. With Janet leaving the conference is over. (11/17/96)

    Not everyone is ready to go - It’s been a very good experience and some of us are reluctant to leave yet.

    Rescheduled departure time. There is some flexibility in the situation. Leaving is necessary but doesn’t have to be onerous.

    Bicycle - Independent mode of transportation, requiring learned skill and personal energy and stamina. Fastest way to get somewhere using your own energy.

    Can’t turn right in time - Know the right way to go but my momentum is such that I’m unable to turn in time. Have to back-track. Opportunity still there but I’m going out of my way to get back there.

    Can’t find side path - Only one way to go and if I’ve missed the one exit I have to go back to it.

    Wide u-turn over someone's lawn - Sloppy maneuver, conspicuous, potentially destructive of someone’s property. Difference is on bike I can’t cause the damage I could cause in a car.

    Standing up to peddle - Exerting maximum force. Usually only necessary for climbing hill. (Note: it never occurs to me to shift gears). Raises doubts that if that level of effort is necessary whether or not I have the strength. (exact thought occurred in 2 dreams).

    Walking Bike - Choosing to slow down. Riding takes too much effort and failure would be conspicuous.

    Riding someone’s Bike  - still takes my initiative to peddle the bike but someone else has provided to resources. Nothing about the experience was stressful, just a simple ride round the neighborhood

               My bike in storage with 2 flat tires - literal truth.

    Elevator - Way up or way down without effort of taking the stairs. Can also signify stationary movement. Going up and down in the wrong place.

    Stilts - exhibition of talent but one of little value outside specialized environment. A way to tower over people. A way to be larger/bigger than reality. A circus act.

    Stilts built into shoes - achieving affect without revealing cause.

    Train - Can mean that you’re committed to a course of action and only "derailment" can stop it between where you got on and its predetermined destination. Commitment to an unswervable course of action.

    Getting off at the wrong station - a mistake, getting out of something prematurely.


    Car - Yours - can be your self image, self esteem, personality, the way you see yourself. Your ability to come and go, your power to accomplish, your driving desire, or your course of action. How you move through life

    Not being in the drivers seat - Someone other than you is in control of your life.

    Dream of getting in the car with my father. At first I’m in the back seat. (where children ride) then I move up to the passenger seat like an adult.