Newport, Rhode Island

Saturday October 3rd

We got into town in the mid-afternoon and decided to walk around the town.  Shopping was very disappointing but I did find one thing I wanted to take home...

Newportdragon.jpg (38461 bytes)

Unfortunately he was a little large and a little expensive (about $50,000) and I really don't know how he'd look in our yard, so I decided to pass up the opportunity to purchase him.smiley.gif (93 bytes)


Later that evening we went back into town for a wonderful dinner at Elizabeth's

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We'd been walking down Thames Street when we saw a restaurant that looked interesting.  Elizabeth's is a bistro type of place with an eclectic approach to food.  We ordered the Stuffed Sourdough Bouillabaisse (all dinners are for two).  It was wonderful.  The dish is Scallops, shrimp, steamers and mussels in a sherry cream sauce and it's served with Sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms, a pasta with Marinara sauce, Elizabeth's stuffed vegetable and Cheese and Garlic bread.  It's BYOB and we waddled out of the restaurant replete and satisfied.

Elizabeth's Cafe
404 Thames Street
Newport, RI

Sunday October 4th

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