Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

The Museum, is a Venetian-style palace that houses the spectacular Renaissance and early Impressionist artworks collected by its late owner.  Mrs. Gardner was very involved in the display and staging of the art work that she had collected and we found the affect somewhat scattered and disjointed.  The Gardner museum is something you're either going to love or it will leave you cold.  If you love it, then there are concerts and other activities that could allow the museum to become an active part of your life.  I'm glad we went, after all how could we live in this part of the country and not see it, but we're not planning a return trip.

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The Museum is open Tuesday - Sunday 11 a. m. - 5 p.m. Admission is $10, seniors $7, children $3, ages 11 and under, free.
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
280 The Fenway, Boston
(617) 566-1401

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John Singer Sargent
Portrait of Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1888, oil on canvas, Isabella Stewart Gardner
Museum, Boston.