Final Ballot 2006

The Hallowed Hunt, by Lois McMaster Bujold
(Eos, May05)

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke
(Bloomsbury, Holtzbrinck Publishers, Sep04)

Survival (Species Imperative 1), by Julie E. Czerneda
(DAW, May04)

The Rebel: An Imagined Life of James Dean, by Jack Dann
(William Morrow, Dec04)

Camouflage, by Joe Haldeman (Fictionwise download)
(Analog, May04 (Serialized in Analog Mar-May04, also Ace book Aug 2004))

Mortal Love, by Elizabeth Hand
(William Morrow, Jun04)

The Child Goddess, by Louise Marley
(Ace, May04)

Polaris, by Jack McDevitt
(Ace, Nov04)

Cusp, by Robert A. Metzger
(Ace, Jan05)

Iron Council, by China Miéville
(Del Rey, Jul04)

Going Postal, by Terry Pratchett
(HarperCollins, Oct04)

Forty Signs of Rain, by Kim Stanley Robinson
(Bantam Spectra, Jun04)

Air, by Geoff Ryman
(St. Martin's Press, Sep04)

Trash, Sex, Magic, by Jennifer Stevenson
(Small Beer Press, Jun04)

Dread Empire's Fall: The Sundering, by Walter Jon Williams
(HarperTorch, Mar04)



Final ballots for the Nebula 1999

Diplomatic Immunity, by Lois McMaster Bujold

The Mount by Carol Emshwiller

Light Music by Kathleen Ann Goonan

The Salt Roads by Nalo Hopkinson

Chindi, by Jack McDevitt

The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge (Eos, Sep02)

American Gods by Neil Gaiman (William Morrow & Co., Jul01)

The Other Wind by Ursula K. Le Guin (Harcourt Brace, Sep01)

Picoverse by Robert A. Metzger (Ace, Mar02)

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville (Del Rey, Mar01)

Bones of the Earth by Michael Swanwick (Avon Eos, Mar02)

The Quantum Rose by Catherine Asaro (Tor)

Eternity's End by Jeffrey A. Carver (Tor)

Mars Crossing by Geoffrey A. Landis (Tor)

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin (Bantam Spectra)

The Collapsium by Wil McCarthy (Del Rey)

The Tower at Stony Wood by Patricia A. McKillip (Ace)

Declare by Tim Powers (Subterranean Press, Tor, William Morrow)

Passage by Connie Willis (Bantam)

Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear (Ballantine Del Rey, Sep99)

A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen, Aug99)

Crescent City Rhapsody by Kathleen Ann Goonan (Avon Eos, Mar00) - This was another thumbs down for me.  I don't even think John liked it.

Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner Aspect, Mar00)

Infinity Beach by Jack McDevitt (HarperPrism, Feb00)

Forests of the Heart by Charles de Lint (Tor, Jun00)





Eligible Novels for the 1998  Nebula Award

I decided to list these here as a prospective reading list.  I've always wondered how the committee makes it's choices.

These books are available in Paperback

Quest for the Fallen Star (Piers Anthony, James Richey and Alan Riggs; Tor) - This book didn't make it.  No amount of rewriting even by the likes of Piers Anthony could save it
Spider Legs (Piers Anthony and Clifford A. Pickover; Tor)  Mixed reviews 
Earth Made of Glass (John Barnes; Tor) 
Iron Shadows (Steven Barnes; Tor) single review is good
White Light (William Barton and Michael Capobianco; Avon/EOS) Trade Mixed reviews
Secret Realms (Tom Cool; Tor) Trade paperback
Circuit of Heaven (Dennis Danvers; Avon) - Early reviews are good
Bone Wars (Brett Davis; Baen) alternate history and dinosaurs
Someplace to be Flying (Charles de Lint; Tor) FANTASTIC - my review coming shortly
Semper Mars (Ian Douglas; Avon/EOS) "Marines in space" but top reviews on Amazon
With the Lightnings (David Drake; Baen) Military in space plot, good reviews
Barrenlands (Doranna Durgin; Baen) Back jacket didn't catch my interest
Wolf  Justice (Doranna Durgin; Baen) Back jacket didn't catch my interest
The Runelords (David Farland; Tor)  I did not like this book
Diplomatic Act (Peter Jurasik and William H. Keith, Jr.; Starline) 
Operation Damocles (Oscar L. Fellows; Baen) Early reviews look very bad
Commitment Hour (James Alan Gardner; Avon/EOS) Mixed reviews - I'm not sure I intend to read this one.
Halfway Human (Carolyn Ives Gilman; Avon/EOS) Looked at this in the book store - I'm guessing it's a two star airport read
Helm (Steven Gould; Tor) A coming of age book - getting reasonable reviews
Tha Sands of Kalaven (Carol Heller; Avon/EOS) One review implies it's part of a series but amazon doesn't have any other books.  Basic Sword and sorcercy
Star Child (James P. Hogan; Baen) Early reviews are good
Maximum Light (Nancy Kress; Tor) Disappointing
Dark Water's Embrace (Stephen Leigh; Avon/EOS) This is one of the new cheap $3.99
Curse of the Black Heron (Holly Lisle; Baen) Early reviews are bad
Maze of Worlds (Brian Lumley; Tor)  Sequel to The House of Doors.  Mixed reviews
Child of the River (Paul J. McAuley; Avon/EOS) First effort with mixed reviews
The Centurion's Empire (Sean McMullen; Tor) A different look at time travel with a gladiator who wakes up every few hundred years.  Reviews are good
Proxies (Laura J. Mixon; Tor) What happens when children grow up and write their own novels?  The plot sounds like an extension of Time is the simplest thing by Clifford Simak.  I'll probably track it down and read it if for no other reason then to see where she went with her story.
Waking in Dreamland (Jody Lynn Nye; Baen) Early reviews are good
Hand of Prophecy (Severna Park; Avon/EOS)  Sequel to Speaking Dreams.  I have mixed feelings about reading this one.  Picked it up in the bookstore and opted not to buy it.  It actually looked somewhat downbeat and possibly too political (this first novel in the series won a gay/lesbian award)
Starswarm (Jerry Pournelle; Tor)  Book 5 in his Jupiter series.  Good reviews
Voodoo Child (Michael Reaves; Tor) MIxed reviews -- might be more of a horror novel then Sci-fi
A Hunger in the Soul (Mike Resnick; Tor) the only review is scathing
The Face of Apollo (Fred Saberhagen; Tor) Mixed reviews but I think I'll skip this one.  The criticisms sound like their written by adult readers and the praise sounds like it's coming from children.  Too bad the plot of ancient Gods acting through people has some appeal.
Factoring Humanity (Robert J. Sawyer; Tor) mixed reviews but still better than a lot of what's out there.  Basically a typical Sawyer novel
Alien Dreams (Larry Segriff; Baen) - Looks like a space opera
Inherit the Earth (Brian Stableford; Tor) Early reviews are mixed but the plot centered around the rightness of attaining immortality as a species sounds interesting
The Arm of the Stone (Victoria Strauss; Avon/EOS) Early reviews are good
Between the Rivers (Harry Turtledove; Tor) Mixed reviews and the criticism sounds more reliable than the praise.
How Few Remain (Harry Turtledove; Del Ray
The Death of the Necromancer (Martha Wells; Avon/EOS)  Reviews are good.  A gang of ne'r do wells are forced to face the real Necromancers.
Prince of Sunset (Steve White; Baen) Early reviews are mixed
Darwinia (Robert Charles Wilson; Tor) Generally bad reviews

Paperback Series
Moonwar (Ben Bova; Avon/EOS) Sequel to Moonrise
In the Rift (Marion Zimmer Bradley and Holly Lisle; Baen)  Book 2 in the series.  Reviews make it sound like a 3 star airport read at best.
Komarr (Lois McMaster Bujold; Baen)  This is book 16. I'm a minority of one but Miles Vorkosigan just doesn't do it for me.
Heartfire (Orson Scott Card; Tor) This is book 5 in the Alvin Maker series  multi07.gif (216 bytes)
An Oblique Approach (David Drake and Eric Flint; Baen) Book 1 in Malwa Empire Series
In the Heart of Darkness (David Drake and Eric Flint) Book 2 in Malwa Empire Series
Queen of Demons (David Drake; Tor) multi07.gif (216 bytes) Book 2 in Lord of the Isles - Loved listening to it on tape
Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (Carole Nelson Douglas; Forge) multi07.gif (216 bytes) This is number 9 in the continuing adventures of Midnight Louie.  Cat's great.  Temple Barr is simply awful.
Shards of a Broken Crown (Raymond E. Feist; Avon/EOS)  Book 4 in the Serpentwar Saga
Rogue Star (Michael Flynn; Tor) Star Wars X-Wing
Action Stations (William R. Forstchen; Baen) A wing commander novel
Article 23 (William R. Forstchen; Baen) #2 in the "Star Voyager Academy" series
Challenges (Sharon Green; Avon/EOS) This is book three of a 5 book series
Mother of Plenty (Colin Greenland; Avon/EOS) Multibook series - Mixed reviews
The Shadow Eater (Adam Lee; Avon/EOS)  Trade paperback Dominions of Irth/Adam Lee, Bk 2
Prisoner of Conscience (Susan R. Matthews; Avon/EOS) Book 2 in a dark series.  I'll pass
The Spellsong War (L. E. Modesitt, Jr.; Tor)  Book 2.   Ok book - review coming shortly
The White Order (L. E. Modesitt, Jr.; Tor)  Book 8 in the Recluse series
Choosing Names (Larry Niven; Baen)  Book 8 in the Man-Kzin War
A Tremor in the Bitter Earth (Katya Reimann; Tor) book 2.  Book one was good
Samurai Cat goes to Hell (Mark E. Rogers; Tor)  5th book in series - mixed reviews
Fire Angels (Jane Routley; Avon/EOS) The sequel to Mage Heart
Shiva in Steel (Fred Saberhagen; Tor) A Berserker novel with very bad reviews
The Royal Four (Amy Stout; Avon/EOS) The Saga of the One Land , No 2
Six Moon Dance (Sheri S. Tepper; Avon/EOS) An other exploration of sex roles in a future society.  Most of the reviews are good but I've found Tepper strident in the past
Fox and Empire (Harry Turtledove; Baen) part of a series
The War God's Own (David Weber; Baen)  Sequel to the Oath of Swords. Reviews are good but I think the fluff factor is very, very high.
Echoes of Honor (David Weber; Baen)  Vol 8 in the Honor Harrington series.  With 90 reviews at amazon it's still holding a 4 1/2 star rating


Trade Paperbacks 
Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary (Pamela Dean; Tor)   Looks like this one is either a 1 or a 5 from the early reviews - Tam Lin her first book rates a 4.5
Flesh and Gold (Phyllis Gotlieb; Tor)   Trade Murder myster in space.   Looks interesting 
The Tooth Fairy (Graham Joyce; Tor) 
Outpost (Scott Mackay; Tor)  Female protagonist regains memory in Alien prison - early reviews are positive
The Book of Knights (Yves Meynard; Tor) 
The Shapes of Their Hearts (Melissa Scott; Tor) Bad reviews
The Innamorati (Midori Snyder; Tor) Early reviews are good
Darker Angels (S. P. Somtow; Tor)  Early reviews are good
Ports of Call (Jack Vance; Tor) Another book which concentrates of language and not plot.  I'm sorry, I want both.

Trade Paperbacks - Series

The White Guardian (Ronald Anthony Cross; Tor)  Eternal Guardians Bk 3
Phoenix Café (Gwyneth Jones; Tor) hb.gif (1186 bytes) Volume 3 in a trilogy


hb.gif (1186 bytes)  Hardcover

Accidental Creatures (Anne Harris; Tor) hb.gif (1186 bytes)
  In Legend Born (Laura Resnick; Tor) hb.gif (1186 bytes)Early reviews are good

hb.gif (1186 bytes) Series

Bhagavati (Kara Dalkey; Tor) This is book 3 in the Thomas Chinnery series hb.gif (1186 bytes)

multi07.gif (216 bytes) means it's available as an audio tape

wpe1.jpg (2094 bytes)