St Patrick's Day

I admit the menu hasn't changed much in the last 20 years
but then again why tinker with success


Irish Stew

And the question would be would you be putting carrots in your stew? Some say yes some say no (I add carrots) Of course no good Irish cook would ever dream of adding potatoes.  Stew is served over Colcannon. Those white things you think are potatoes are actually turnips.   I will admit here that my recipe is not the most traditional.  I learned it not from my Irish Grandmother but from my cooking teacher Lou Pappas, the former editor of Sunset magazine.  I've made a few changes over the years, based on a number of trips to Ireland but nothing substantial.  

Guinness and Steak pie

Corn Beef and Cabbage - While this is clearly an American Irish dish, it's good and everyone on this side of the pond expects it. 


Melon Salad

Soda Bread

Tipsy Parsons

Beverages "For God made Whisky so the Irish should not rule the World."