The Great Kitchen Remodel in Tewksbury

When we bought the house we knew the kitchen was bad but as usual
we underestimated just how bad.  Needless to say we started on the great
remodel project four months after we moved in.  As you might expect
the project ran over-budget and was late but we loved the finished product.


kitchen2.jpg (60939 bytes)

The picture is a little dark.   The cabinets are actually a medium to light
toned oak.  The counter tile is a sage green and the counter by the
pass through to the dining room is a slightly darker sage green marble.

kitchen1.jpg (63642 bytes)

The sink was originally under the window and we moved it to the corner
facing our table.  It turned out to be a great idea.  We also bought
a really large stainless steel sink with one large bowl and a much
smaller bowl (the area right under the facet in this picture) that has the
garbage disposal.  We also bought a cutting board to fit over the
large side of the sink. The dishwasher is a Kitchenaid.
If you're wondering what your money buys you with a more expensive
dishwasher the answer is blessed silence.  You can actually sit in the
kitchen and talk on the phone while it's running.