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The Chariot

Like water I came and like wind I go...

achieving control
mastering emotions
curbing impulses
maintaining discipline
holding in anger
getting your way
assuming the reins of power
showing authority
achieving victory
reaching your goal
being successful
coming out on top
beating the competition


using your will
being determined to succeed
focusing your intent
rising above temptation
letting nothing distract you
sustaining an effort
concentrating your energies
fixing on a goal
Lessons and Opportunity Cards
The 7 of wands - Valor -
The courage to take actions in support of one's convictions
7 of cups -
Incipient possibility
7 of pentacles -
fruits of ones labor
7 of swords -
flying under the radar
Key Principles and Laws

Principle of Mastery through Change
Law of Motion

Key Roles


Number: 7 - The Number 7 demands control of the senses, elevation and purification of desires. The goal is for self-mastery; achievement of complete dominion over the physical body. However, this must be accomplished completely through free will, there can be no force or coercion. The number 7 gives a deeply analytical and introspective element to the Chariot. Again, however, all analysis is done internally, and rarely is spoken aloud to others.

Color Orange- yellow
Note - D#
Rune - Ehwaz
Direction - East below
Human Faculty - Speech


Gods & Goddess
Aspect of Consciousness
Stones Psychic Energy Totems
Crow/Coyote/ Raven
Second Chakra
Herbs and Essences
Coriander, Carrot, Chamomile
Lotus, Olive, Watercress
Cabalistic Intelligence:      intelligence of the house of influence (memory and other hidden senses)

The intelligence for path 18 is the Intelligence of the House of Influence and the spiritual attribute is Prudence. The 18th path flows between the Understanding of Conscience and the Severity of Justice/Dispassion.
A prudent person does not run or rush recklessly headlong into situations. A prudent person thinks about what they are doing, thinks on the wisdom of the action. Unless you have an understanding of a situation, how can you act prudently, for you do not have all the facts, all the information that you require. So Prudence has something to do with the getting of knowledge, the getting of understanding, the getting of truth, the getting of information and this is where we have our House of Influence.

The Amazon Princess Euryale was one such famous charioteer. Driving her chariot through battlefields and trampling the bodies of the dead as she went, she surmounted her obstacles as she deliberately insulted the leaders of her enemies, and also their gods, to get where she wanted to go. She swung her great labrys (double-edged battle-axe) and cut down her enemies with ease. The labrys has become a symbol for the 'Modern Woman'


harnessing forces toward personal purpose; motive; control; powerful movement-change; drive; courage; sensitive to surrounding emotions; combined stillness & activity; victory; controlling existence with maturity; conquest; speech: rational understanding defining existence to control it; travel; sense of direction; plan for personal development; testing what you've learned; magical push-pull; curiosity; messages from higher self; personal experience motivation; proving self and abilities; dependence on skills and abilities to move instinctively through challenges; control of unresolved tensions; great timing; edge of control; the innate and harnessed willpower of the individual; awareness of the tolerances and limitations of a situation; the fence of civilization's controlling intelligence; the victory of human will over the ordinary problems of life;

Jan-Sept 02 - Lovers - Chariot

Ended up fairly busy but actually quite unhappy since I was working from the house by myself.

Oct - Dec 02 Chariot

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