Welcome to our cyber home on the web. 
Look around as long as you'd like. 
You can pour yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen
Get a glass of wine from our cellar
or get a can of soda from the fridge in the family room
while you settle down to read a book from our library

 The Kitchen -

The Wine Cellar
Our comments on the wine we actually drink.  60% Californian, 30% Washington and 80% under about $13 a bottle. 
The Dining Room The Library
We're still putting the books away. Right now we're working on shelving our collection of Science Fiction and some of our Mysteries.

The Family Room
This is where we set up the projector and bore you with Vacation pictures  Or we could turn on the stereo and run through our collection of show tunes

The Rose Terrace 
This is the spot in the house that There's not much here now but I'll be adding more about the art and craft of writing as the months roll by
The Living Room The Back yard
The bedroom

Clancy's dog house
The sewing and craft room - This is were we do all our projects and this is where we keep all our decorating and feng Shui books Site Map


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