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This site will be slowly evolving over time.  The first phase will be to review the musicals we're currently seeing.   The second phase will be a theater scrap book of all the musicals we've seen over the years.  Richard Burton in Camelot, Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, Cats, Evita, and dozens more.


San Francisco

May 2000

Donna's Review:  If you are a true Fosse fan you'll love this.  If you're looking for a more conventional musical with a plot line and some action, you'll be hopelessly disappointed.  I view this as an insider's performance.  You're either part of the community who appreciates Hats and Hips or you're not.





December 1999

Donna's Review:  I got the last seat in the house and paid way too much for it (double at scalper prices).  It was strange sitting in London watching an American musical.



phantom2.jpg (12026 bytes) Phantom of the Opera
Pantages Theater Toronto

December 1998

Donna's Review:  We were there on understudy night.  Unfortunately that left us finding things that could have been better (like the fact that Christine's voice tended to fade to nothing).  The staging was nice and the production seemed to be less jumpy then when I saw it in Los Angeles in 92.

The Lair of the Canadian Phantom


l-beauty.jpg (25882 bytes)

Beauty and the Beast
London Dominion Theater

May 1998

Donna's Review:   We attended the matinee.  The theater full of children finally settled down when the curtain went up (thank God.. I realize this is a play for children but shouldn't they all have been in school?)  The staging was good and Lumiere and the supporting cast tried admirably to salvage it but a wimpy childish beast simply destroyed it for both of us.

t-dominion.jpg (18269 bytes)


p_kismet.gif (70322 bytes)

North Shore Theater
September 1998

David Canary stars in this 1953 Broadway hit based on the play by Edward Knoblock. "Kismet" paints a lusty portrait of 14th-century Baghdad and includes such songs as "Baubles, Bangles and Beads," "Stranger in Paradise"

Donna's Review:   I love the play.  Unfortunately the role of Haj the beggar needs someone who can sing as well as act.  Carnary's voice simply wasn't up to the challenge and by the end of the show it was almost painful to listen to him.  The rest of the cast was outstanding.


Broadway Musicals This page is currently under construction.  At the moment it's a list of the Musicals we've seen over the years.  Over time we'll flesh it out with more information and links



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