Movie Reviews


Sci-fi and Speculative

The Matrix Reloaded.  This movie is BAD.  It is nothing but a video game that has been filmed.  There is no plot, there is no acting...  We both really liked the first film and we are confirmed sci-fi fans but none of that made this watchable.

The Core - this was FUN.  A modern day version of journey to the center of the earth. We both enjoyed it.

Signs - John and I were both rather disappointed.  Mel Gibson was flat and rather uninteresting in the role of a minister who has lost faith in God.

Space Cowboys - Otherwise known as in search of ancient astronauts

The X-men - Could have been oh, so much better if they'd told the right story.  As it was it was an afternoon's distraction 

The Sixth Sense - I liked this film even though I saw it for the first time in business class on UA on my bleary eyed way to London.  I has slept through the first five minutes so I didn't see the end coming at all.



Political Thrillers

Enemy of the State ***

It's not paranoia if they really are after you. This movie was almost frightening in its realism.  Any one who's familiar with satellite surveillance will tell you we've been able to do this kind of stuff for years.  The movie is fast paced and exiting and Jon Voight's performance as the baddy was very good.  

The Manchurian Candidate ***

Absolutely one of the classic films of our times. 





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